Generations Managament

Alois Riffeser 1872-1912

Alois RiffeserAs a merchant he travelled to the major European cities to sell the figurines and toys which were bought from the different farmers of the Gröden Valley.

Josef Anton Riffeser 1912-1945

Josef Anton RiffeserIn 1912 he founded the ANRI Company which he named using the first two letters of his first and last name. After World War I, where he was prisoner of war camp in Siberia, he formulated his plan for a woodcarving company. He created his own models which he distributed successfully and mainly in the Alpine region.

Carolina Riffeser 1912-1945

Carolina RiffeserShe ran the company during the difficult years of the war and the absence of her husband. Especially her formative influence for social aspects was well accepted and gained the confidence of the home workers. She also inaugurated the first canteen of the region.

Anton Adolf Riffeser 1945-1970

Anton Adolf RiffeserHe was the visionary of ANRI and transformed the traditional trade into an industrial production in central workshops for better control. He also created a distribution network of wholesalers. He ventured to expand to the United States and found in Schmid Paul a partner who contributed essentially in the distribution of the ANRI name and products. The international market was conquered.

Ernst Riffeser 1970-2000

Ernst RiffeserResponsible for the market orientated product development he was able to engage well known artists as Ferràndiz, Granget, Diller and Sarah Kay. In the best years he employed 230 craftsmen and 100 home workers who mainly produced music boxes. During this period the collector market was created and with the extensive information tours to USA and Japan the ANRI name became well known.

Thomas Riffeser since 2000

Thomas RiffeserHis challenge is to reorganize completely the distribution and to deliver the retailers all around the world directly from the house of ANRI. New products and production are required to maintain the high standards ANRI has set.